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In search of a piston!

So I finally got into the motor tonight to look for the missing piston.

Time to start

So I think the time has come. I hope to begin work on the 240Z again this week. First step, finish taking apart the blown motor and find the missing...

But wait, there's more... maybe

This just in, there may still be life in the Project240z.... It might get saved from the grasps of Ebay and become just a toy/project/wrench on me when you can... and the car are for sale!

With my recent acquisition I'm going to have to clear out the garage of all of my Datsun parts and cars to make room for a few other vehicles. I'm...

Missing Piston Alert!

Can you spot the problem in this photo?   Status: Motor is once again out of the car, and I'm pretty confident it won't be going back into any car........

Removing the busted motor

On August 12th 2007 the P240z took it's maiden autocross voyage, and promptly killed the motor. On 9/30 I removed the motor.