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Thanks for 4wd

Days like today I'm glad I don't have the 350Z anymore and get to drive around in the Tahoe. I love the snow!

No work done this weekend!

Well, as usual I didn't get to touch the Datsuns at all this weekend. Hopefully this week I'll be able to get started back up in the garage. It was...

Where are the pictures?

I'll start digging up some of the pictures of the cars later this week and get them posted. Some are probably on flickr, so I'll track them down and get...

Updated the videos again

Alright, I have all the videos updated now. So every video that I've created thus far on the Project240z is now online with youtube and listed here on the videos...

Website Update

I've quickly thrown a "skin" together for the website. Hope to get some more useful information up later this week.