Back in action in the garage! First video from Colorado

So it's been a while since I actually created a video of working on the car, that's not to say I haven't worked on the car, I ripped the dash out completely! That would have made a cool video, apologies for not being proactive enough to setup the camera.

Anyways, I'm back working on the car, making progress, and hoping to make more progress this weekend getting it running.

Yesterday I spent a few hours farting around with the electronics. After ripping out the dash I've been unable to get the car started, rather than continuing to try to make the stock ignition work I decided to just give up on that, and scrap the stock fuse block.

I picked up a few fuse blocks from Napa a week or so ago, and yesterday started working on doing the wiring to use those blocks.

The video isn't all that entertaining, but I did come up with a cool angle towards the end of the video. I ended up not having the equipment I needed. I ordered more stuff last night and should have it tomorrow, so I can get working on the car this weekend. Now, check out the video!

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