Final Prep for Engine Installation

So I had hoped to get the engine installed into the car today but got sidetracked trying to get a final few items finished up before doing so.

First things first I wanted to try and get some of the new bushings I purchased off Ebay back in December into the car, so I attempted to get the old bushings out of the rear motor mount, not having much luck I went to Carquest. They also didn’t have any luck but sent me on to Terry’s Machine Shop in Bridgeton. 25 minutes or so later (which was 20 minutes after they closed) the old bushings were free and room for the new urethane bushings available. I then ran back to Carquest and picked up some lithium grease and headed home.

I painted the rear motor mount one last time, as playing around with the bushings had removed some paint, and then I started on other items. I changed the bushing in the steering coupler to use the new urethane bushing, I also spent some time cleaning up some of the dust, and crap in the engine back from 2yrs ago when the car last ran. After doing this I drained the transmission and checked to see if I had any fluid to put back in it before installing it in the car tomorrow, I didn’t so I picked some up tonight.

I assembled the new bushings in the rear mount and then test fitted it under the car to make sure it would work, success, so hopefully it goes in smoothly tomorrow.

So I didn’t get a whole lot of progress made today, but I hope to tomorrow as Terec will be coming over in the morning and helping me with the big task, getting the motor up and into the car, 6 bolts should be all it takes! Then it’ll probably take me all week to hook up all the wires and lines to it, hopefully I’ll be able to try and crank it over next week.

Here’s the video from today, not much

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