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It has been a little while since we've owned a Datsun 240z and we're somewhat ready for another! If you've got an old Datsun in the St. Louis Area, or anywhere within a couple hour drive, hit us up, we're interested in talking to you about it.

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Ten years ago today, the 240z took its first, and last, autocross run at Gateway Motorsports Park, in Illinois.
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Apparently that’s the word on the 240z. I sold it in January 2010 (or somewhere close to there) and since then it has apparently changed owners twice (possibly more).

I emailed the guy who sent me photos in October after he painted it, to see how it was, and he tells me it was sold in December Sad smile

If you are the new owner, drop me a line, I’m curious how things are going.

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So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged here on Project240z.com, reason being that I sold the car quite a while ago. Back this summer I got an email from a guy telling me he was the new owner, having purchased it from the guy that I sold it to. Then, a couple weeks ago I got these in my inbox (see full post for photos):
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Well, it looks like it is finally time to autocross the beast again! It’s been since January. I’m headed to the Northern California United 510 Owner’s club autocross tomorrow in Marina, CA. Hopefully the car holds together and makes it there, runs, and makes it home! I’m curious to see if the leaky exhaust causes me any troubles (sound level, or just w/ people).

I’m probably going to run in BSP, I don’t think that UFO follows the standard SCCA Classes for 2010, so STR or SSM are out.

Photos and video tomorrow night.

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Yes, it's true folks, the Project240z lives again! Check out the latest incarnation!


So what if it is in a web based video game.

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(idea blatantly stolen from James Nelson’s Saying Goodbye post)

CJH_06-05-07-10-02-39We’ve been together for almost 4 years, you and I. I was love at first site, but it took a internet chat conversation with 4 guys to get you where I wanted you. Once your previous owner let a price slip I jumped on the opportunity to buy you, and a week later you, and a billion parts, were loaded up into a trailer for the trip home.

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So this won’t be the final post here on Project240z.com, but we are likely coming close to the end. This weekend the car sold, an airman from the local Air Force base in Denver came by and gave me a deposit for the car. I’m going to try to get the title cleaned up this week and hopefully get it to him this weekend if he comes up with the rest of the money.

I’ll post again when the car is gone. Thanks for all the interest in the car lately, unfortunately 99% of the interest came after I sold the car, not before, but oh well. For now check out my new toy, http://www.project350z.com/

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So I really am looking to sell the 240z this time around. Though, the more time I spend on it, the less I want to sell it, so perhaps I’ll continue working on it while I wait to see if it sells, and then who knows what will happen after that. At this point in time I’m not looking to part the car out, that might change in the future, but for now I’ll keep from parting it out. Basics: Price: $1750 with all the spare parts (storage bins full), $1250 with the car as it currently sits. (add $250 to clean up title) Year:1973 Make: Datsun Model: 240z Title: None (can be acquired at additional cost) Mileage: Unknown Location: Parker, Colorado (delivery available at $1.25.mile up to 500 miles from Parker, CO)

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 For any of you who follow the website regularly you'll notice that I haven't "put" the car and website up for a sale in a while. Well, it's your lucky day.

I'm considering putting the car up for sale, as well as the domain names (www.project240z.com and www.240z.net).

In the next week or two I'll get everything together, car and website info, and likely get it listed on Ebay. I'll set it up with a reserve auction, if it meets that reserve then I'll sell it all outright, if not I will likely start parting things out. 

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