Packing the garage, driving the car

So today was spent packing the garage (read about that over here). While getting things packed up made it a productive day, the real joy was with the car. I drove it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been over 23 months since the car last moved under it’s own power, so getting it out of the driveway (harder than it sounds) and driving it around the circle made for a great day.

The car is still hard to start, but once it starts up the first time it generally starts up easier (as you will see in the video). I then had trouble trying to get into gear, keep the car running, and letting off the brake as the ebrake isn’t strong enough to keep it at the top of our driveway. I finally just let the car roll down the driveway and started it at the bottom before driving it around. If you want to see it running and driving skip ahead in the video to around 6 minutes. Commentary provided by my beautiful wife Natalie.

The video is in HD, so watch it that way ;)

After driving it around I even got more of the front end put together, with a grill and air dam installed, I’ll get a picture of that configuration tomorrow.

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Listen to that turbo spool. :) Good luck on the next home!
Posted By: Eric Duncan on 7/20/2009 10:28:26 AM
I'm glad you got it running, if for a short time. My 240 is still a ways away from that. We haven't even taken out the orig. engine yet, which spun a bearing.
Posted By: Wisconsin on 8/5/2009 10:44:32 PM

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