Back on the wagon

So I finally got some more time on the Datsun over the past few days. Friday I went down to my boss’ house and used his bead blaster to clean up some of the suspension pieces (photos of those later this week).

Today I needed to relax a bit (for the reason read this blog post) so I went into the garage and decided to pull the rear hatch off the car. I’m going to try to get rid of all the extra parts I have in the next week or two, and a hatch is one of the extras so I wanted to get the one off the car. That process went pretty quickly, and here are the results:

Hatch Removed Old (blue) and New (brown)

The blue one being the one I will be getting rid of, and the brown one being the one I want to put on the car.

After that I started playing around with some paint stripper.Here’s the result of that.

Paint Stripper

I don’t think I want to buy enough stripper to spray down the whole car! That’ll be a lot of chemicals, though it does end up cleaner than if I went to completely sand the whole car down.

More work later this week.

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